JJ Tech Newsletters

JJ Tech Newsletter – August, 2014
Clayton Loyd joins JJ Tech as Field Service Technician

JJ Tech Newsletter – July, 2014
JJ Tech Reveals Product Name Changes

JJ Tech Newsletter – June, 2014
A new generation in Hydraulic Jet Pumps

JJ Tech Newsletter – May, 2014
Twin T8030 Moves to Field Testing

JJ Tech Newsletter – April, 2014
Rhea Quin has assumed the responsibility of Sales Manager for JJ Tech’s West Texas Region.

JJ Tech Newsletter – March, 2014
Optimism is high for a 4th consecutive year of record sales in 2014.

JJ Tech Newsletter  – February, 2014
JJ Tech 2013 Gross Sales Surpass 2012 Level.

JJ Tech Newsletter –  January, 2014
JJ Tech places first Wanner T80100 diaphragm pump in operation.

JJ Tech Newsletter –  December, 2013
Eliminate workover expenses from sand locking.

JJ Tech Newsletter –  November, 2013
JJ Tech has an efficient and reliable solution to saltwater disposal.

JJ Tech Newsletter –  October, 2013
Reliable performance by ULTRA-FLOW system restores well profitability….

JJ Tech Newsletter –  September, 2013
ULTRA-FLOW reliability, rapid response, exceeds operator expectations….

JJ Tech Newsletter –  August, 2013
JJ Tech has begun a series of regional “open house” meetings….

JJ Tech Newsletter –  July, 2013
Frac-Evac Case Study:  JJ Tech removed 70,000 barrels of fluid (100% recovery) in 90 days….

JJ Tech Newsletter – June, 2013
2.0 Select-Flo combines efficiency with reliability….

JJ Tech Newsletter – May, 2013
Customer decreased well operating costs by replacing 4 ESP’s with JJ Tech Hydraulic Jet Pumps in a 12 month period.

JJ Tech Newsletter – April, 2013
DUG Permian 2013 Photos, April 2-4, 2013, Ft. Worth TX Convention Center.  About 25% of DUG Permian attendees are Oil and Gas Operators….

JJ Tech Newsletter – March, 2013
The Permian Basin has a long and storied past, and now it is in the midst of a complete reawakening….

JJ Tech Newsletter – February, 2013
“Meet the Team” – Rhea (Ray) Quinn, West Texas Service Manager located at JJ Tech’s Regional Field Office and Service Center in Odessa, Texas…

JJ Tech Newsletter –  January, 2013
We Have a New Look!  A new expression that defines  what we offer  and why we’re different…

JJ Tech Newsletter – December, 2012
Hello, my name is Leslie Liggio. I am Inside Sales Manager here at JJ Tech.  I work closely with my staff, which consists of seven ladies that are responsible for making contact with industry decision makers…

JJ Tech Newsletter November – 2012
Hello, I’m Matt James.  As a Project Manager, I assist in the sale of production systems, install jet pump systems, and am involved in the optimization of our systems once they have been installed.

JJ Tech Newsletter October – 2012
Meet Wilson Curry, his responsibilities include setting up the surface equipment, running the bottom hole assembly, and conducting tests to insure that all equipment is operating properly. I work closely with our clients in order to ensure that our system is running to their specifications.

JJ Tech Newsletter September – 2012
There are rich deposits of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.  But CBM well production can be challenging because of coal fines.

JJ Tech Newsletter August – 2012
In July, three JJ Tech sales and service professionals spent  two  days with Wanner Engineering personnel  performing  a hands on, detailed examination of the Hydra-Cell  T8045 seal-less, packing free, diaphragm, surface pump…

JJ Tech Newsletter – July 2012
Mr. Shirley has 12 years sales and financial experience, and will be responsible for business development in Oklahoma and Louisiana

JJ Tech Newsletter – June 2012
JJ Tech was formed in 2002 to acquire, manufacture, and market the patented new Coleman hydraulic jet pump.  This pump was developed to produce large volumes of subsurface formation fluids with inclusions of moderate to high solid content…

JJ Tech Newsletter – May 2012
JJ Tech has begun to modify and equip its new 4,000 sq. ft. West Texas Field Support Center, located at 6305 Andrews Highway, in Odessa, Texas…

JJ Tech Newsletter – April 2012
In a March 22, 2012 Press Release, JJ Tech announced plans for a Midland/Odessa Sales/Service Location.  Chris Lamberth, JJ Tech Operations Manager, offers more information in a brief Q&A…

JJ Tech Newsletter – March 2012
JJ TECH announces the highly anticipated arrival of the Hydra-Cell®, Seal-less T8030 (“T8030”) Diaphragm Surface Pump from Wanner Engineering, Inc. The 80hp T8030 is the second in the innovative “T80” series of diaphragm surface pumps designed for JJ Tech by Wanner Engineering, Inc. Coupled with the patented JJ Tech series of efficient…

JJ Tech Newsletter – February 2012
From the President – It was just a few short years ago that we moved into our current building, which has a capacity of about 15,200 sq. ft. of office and shop space.  As we begin 2012, we have very little room to expand in either of these areas.

JJ Tech Newsletter – January, 2012
A Letter From the President of J&J Technical Services, LLC….
On behalf of our JJ Tech family, I want to thank our growing number of customers for making 2011 our very best year ever.  And there is more good news – all indications for 2012 give us high expectations that our business will double, with January becoming our very best month to date.  We’re currently fabricating more and more production skids.  We want to earn your trust.

JJ Tech Newsletter – December 2011
More Accelerated Frac Flowback Skids Ship to West Texas… JJ Tech currently has accelerated frac flowback (FRAC-EVAC) systems running near Midland, TX.  We invite you to visit one of these locations for an “up close and personal” examination of JJ Tech’s exclusive FRAC-EVAC system.  FRAC-EVAC is clean, quiet, efficient, and leaves a very small footprint.

JJ Tech Newsletter – October 2011
The JJ Tech sales and engineering team was among the more than 3000 engineers, geologists, business development managers and small to large operators participating in the DUG (Developing Unconventional Gas) Conference at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, October 10 thru 12, 2011.