JJ Tech’s New ULTRA-FLOW™ 200 to be placed in Full Time Service

JJ Tech announces that field testing of the firm’s new ULTRA-FLOW™ 200 production system at a South Alabama location has concluded. In addition, the manufacturing of new production models has begun, in order to make the system available to operators for full time field operation. The new system completed a rigorous shop testing process several years ago, and has performed up to all expectations over the past two years, during the field-test period.

The new, highly regarded artificial lift system consists of two T100S diaphragm surface pumps mounted side-by-side on one production skid paired with JJ Tech’s patented jet pump down hole. Output is rated at 1800 BPD/5000 PSI.

Chris Lamberth, JJ Tech Operations manager, stated that, “The ULTRA-FLOW™ 200 is essentially a 200 horsepower pump. It will allow us to get into wells that require more HP than one T100K, 100 HP pump can deliver. These are usually deeper wells, wells with low BHP, or wells that need to move a high volume of fluid.”

About JJ Tech:

JJ Tech is a US-based, world-wide artificial lift company and supplier of cutting edge artificial lift systems and solutions to the oil and gas industry. The company currently has eight international and US distributors, and hundreds of hydraulic jet pumps placed throughout the world.