Case Study: Jet Pump Artificial Lift Enables Consistent Operation in Flood Zone

JJ Tech has released a case study demonstrating the JJ Tech Jet Pump System installed in a flood zone can operate uninterrupted despite a flooded well site. The project is located in the Mississippi River flood zone in Concordia Parish, Louisiana where floodwaters have reached as high as 62 feet. When water levels reach unusually high levels, well operators in the area are forced to shut-in wells because maintenance of the well and or pump requires a boat to access the site. By installing the JJ Tech Jet Pump artificial lift system, and using Global Tubing’s offshore, externally coated, coiled line pipe, the Frank Davis well was able to run with no interruption during record flooding. 

aldridgeprphotoThe project took five days from mobilization to de-mobilization. As the wellhead was over 8600’ from the tank battery, the flowline and power fluid lines were run together. The total pipeline length was 17,230’. The contractor on the job was Oilstone Energy Services who performed a pull-through in six casing conduits at the levee crossing in less than four hours.

The JJ Tech Jet Pump system, known for low downtime, low maintenance and low environmental impact, was a prime candidate for flood zone installation. With no moving parts down hole, service needs are reduced. Few wells in the area can produce in floodwaters, the Frank Davis well is not one of them. View the full case study at

About JJ Tech

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