Accelerated Frac Flowback 70,000 BBL Fluid

The jet pump is set in the tubing string above a packer which is set just above the perfs. Power fluid (water) is injected down the tubing through a nozzle. Power fluid and produced fluid are combined in the throat (venturi effect) and return up the annulus.

Objective: The shared goal was to, recover frac fluid as fast and as economical as possible, and bring production to the market immediately.

Results: The JJ Tech Jet Pump Flowback system was able to remove 70,000 barrels of fluid (100% recovery), in 90 days. JJ Tech’s Jet Pump was able to produce 21,600 barrels of oil valued at over $2 million ($96/barrel), and 40 MMCF (40,000 MCF) of gas valued at $100,000. In addition, ($2.49/MCF) was recovered and sold as well.  The total estimated value of production was over $2.1 million.

JJ Tech’s Jet Pump Flowback system, recovered in 90 days what would have taken 15 months with conventional rod pump (pumping @ 150 barrels/day).

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Advantages of Jet Pump Flowback:
  • Rapid frac fluid recovery helps prevent swelling of formation which can reduce permeability
  • Jet pump can produce high volumes of fluid (up to 4000 bpd) including frac sand
  • Production rates are easily adjusted for a controlled flowback
  • Gas can be brought to market immediately
  • No backpressure is put on formation (as with Nitrogen)
  • Software can calculate PBHP based on production volumes and injection pressure

Shown Above: JJ Tech utilizes a diaphragm pump which has no seals or packing unlike a traditional triplex plunger pump. The seal-less design reduces downtime and maintenance while keeping the location free of lubricating oil and salt water. The T8045 diaphragm pump is capable of 3000 psi at 1550 bpd.