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Accelerated Frac Flowback

Accelerated frac-flowback is the recovery of frac fluid from a well as rapidly as possible while bringing oil and/or gas production to the market immediately.

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Efficient, Reliable Saltwater Disposal

The disposal of saltwater that is produced with the oil and/or gas from a reservoir is a very serious issue, involving significant costs and environmental concerns. The pumps and related equipment on a saltwater disposal well (SWD) must be reliable.

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Economical Gas Well Dewatering

Gas Well Dewatering,” or “Gas Well Deliquification” (GWD), is the general term for technologies used to remove water build-up (hydrostatic head) from producing gas wells.

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Jet Pump Artificial Lift

Artificial lift refers to one of several methods used to raise oil and or water to the surface through a well after the well can no longer produce by natural energy (pressure).

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Rhea Quinn Black Vest HatRhea Quinn has assumed the responsibility of West Texas Sales Manager for JJ Tech, an artificial lift company in the oil and gas industry. Since joining the firm in April, 2012, Mr. Quinn has been West Texas Service Manager, operating out of JJ Tech’s regional field office and service center located at 6305 Andrews Highway in Odessa, Texas. Mr. Quinn will focus on business development in the Permian Basin. Prior to joining JJ Tech, Mr. Quinn was with BP for five years, departing in 2012 as Lift Specialist / Optimizer.

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