ULTRA-FLOW Reliability, Rapid Service Satisfy East Texas Operator

In early 2012, JJ Tech’s faster delivery capability presented an opportunity to install an ULTRA-FLOW natural gas powered permanent production system for an East Texas operator. At this writing, the operator has now purchased eight natural gas systems. The following comments are from the operator’s production foreman.

The surface configuration of most conventional production systems spreads the components out to several different locations. Referring to the JJ Tech configuration, the production foreman said:

“We liked the neat, compact package of the system. Everything is set on a [8’ X 16’] natural gas skid, making it a much easier system to maintain and operate. Also, the JJ Tech jet pump installs downhole in a more compact package because the jet pump is about 2 feet in length compared to the 4 foot length of the pump in other systems.”

When asked about service, his response was, “The [Wanner] surface pump has proven to be very reliable – no messy leaks, and very little downtime. Chris Lamberth and Jon Mullins have done a great job for us. We are very satisfied with the service as well as the system.”

Reliable Performance by ULTRA-FLOW Restores Profitability in Deviated Well

“In May 2008, we had a deviated Tuscaloosa well (2846’ pump depth) on a rod pump system that was experiencing heavy operational expenses because the rods frequently cut the tubing string. This required monthly workover expenses to pull and replace the damaged segments of tubing, which also resulted in a significant loss of production. We needed a system that could operate dependably in a deviated well and restore profitability.

We replaced the rod pump with a JJ Tech, ULTRA-FLOW system consisting of a downhole jet pump that has no moving parts and a HydraCell™ diaphragm surface pump mounted in compact fashion on a production skid.

We needed the well to produce 250 bbls/day of fluid and maintain the same oil production rate. We were pleased to see that this system increased fluid production by 20%, to 300 bbls/day, while maintaining the same oil cut. The jet pump operated without any down hole maintenance three years. Our operational cost has been greatly reduced, and this well continues to operate profitably to this day.

Our experience with the JJ Tech ULTRA-FLOW system, and the service and support JJ Tech provides, has been very favorable. I can recommend them without hesitation.”

Mickey Berg
Partner, Philberg Oil Company