Gas Well Dewatering

Dewatering (deliquification)  technology was developed in order to overcome liquid build-up in producing gas wells, which can lead to a rapid  production slow down.

This water build up, which the gas well deliquification process eliminates, is caused by the high velocity flow of natural gas to the surface of a well.   As the gas soars upward at a high speed, a water mist appears in the gas and deposits itself on the lining of the conduit or pipe, where it builds up.  This build up creates two problems.  First, it reduces pressure, which slows down production.  Second, the slow accumulation of  water on the bottom of the well can kill production altogether.

Fortunately, JJ Tech has developed a more effective solution to this problem of liquid accumulation in gas wells.  It is remedied by the process of deliquification or gas well dewatering.

In order to dewater a well, a patented JJ Tech hydraulic jet pump can be installed down the well bore.  The jet pump is then fed by power fluid moving down the well bore from  a diaphragm surface pump.  Through the utilization of the Venturi effect, the formation fluid is drawn into the pump and mixes with the power fluid and returns to the surface.  Amazingly, the JJ Tech sublevel hydraulic pump, which delivers the required reservoir fluids back to the surface, operates with no moving parts down hole.

The complete line of JJ Tech jet pumps and accessories are patented.  Their unique design enables easy carrier removal in the event that the nozzle or expansion tube needs to be exchanged.  Reversing the circulation flow of the fluid  draws the carrier back to the surface without the need for wires or workover  rigs.