Our History

J&J Technical Services (JJ Tech) was founded in 2002 by purchasing the assets of the New Coleman Pump Company.

While initially specializing in the manufacturing of Jet Pumps as production system components, JJ Tech then set its sights on providing a complete system for artificial lift in 2005, soon becoming a major player in the industry.

Patents were filed on JJ Tech’s unique “Ultra-Flow” production system in 2005. This system incorporated a downhole Jet Pump powered by a positive displacement Diaphragm Pump (Hydra-Cell) manufactured by Wanner Engineering. Later that year, JJ Tech approached Wanner to manufacture larger Diaphragm  pumps to better accommodate the horsepower requirements of the Oil and Gas Industry. The Model T-8045 (now T100) Hydra-Cell Diaphragm Pump was born. The partnership with Wanner resulted in several awarded patents, and eventually the acquisition of JJ Tech in 2017.

In addition to the T100, Wanner Engineering has since developed Q155, and Q330 Hydra-Cell Pumps, which are rapidly becoming the primary choice for oil and gas operators when Jet Pumping or for saltwater disposal.

JJ Tech now offers an extensive line of Hydraulic Jet Pumps (SELECT-JET) for artificial lift, installation and servicing solutions, and continues to provide customer service excellence to oilfield producers worldwide.


JJ Tech Formed – purchased the assets of the New Coleman Pump Company. Quickly started using Hydra-Cell Pumps.


JJ Tech Files Patent using Positive Displacement Diaphragm Pump with Jet Pump. Hydra-Cell’s largest pump was 30 HP. This was not large enough for the majority of our needs.


Patent 7,255,175 Awarded. JJ Tech went to Wanner Engineering for a larger pump.


High Horsepower Division formed @ Wanner Engineering.

  • Started with Model T-8045 (Now T100)
  • Now offer T&Q Series 100, 155, 200, 330 Horsepower Pumps (Pressures up to 5000psi)
  • Hydra-Cell T&Q Series Pumps are also used for Saltwater Disposal (Volumes up to 11,200 BPD)


JJ Tech becomes part of Wanner Engineering who has since developed the T100, Q155, and Q330 Hydra-Cell Pumps. These pumps are rapidly becoming an industry choice among operators for Jet Pumping or saltwater disposal.


JJ Tech has installed over 1000 Jet Pumps and 550 Hydra-Cell Surface Systems, and continues to provide customer service excellence to oilfield producers worldwide.