JJ Tech’s flagship model 2.5 SELECT-JET Hydraulic Jet Pump brings ease and versatility to the artificial lift market. Whether run in Normal or Reverse Flow mode, 2.5 SELECT-JET is the best of its kind.

Features / Advantages / Benefits

  • Standing valve is wire line retrievable;
  • Same jet pump can be run in normal or reverse flow configuration;
  • In normal configuration, pump can be reverse circulated to the surface;
  • Larger internal flow passages increase efficiency over other designs.
  • Versatile Bottom Hole Assembly with High Flow Capacity
  • Nozzle and Mixing Tube changes are simple due to small, easy to handle, JJ Tech Carrier design
  • Available Isolation Sleeve ensures reliability over Sliding Sleeve
  • Ability to attach down-hole gauges to Standing Valve
  • Ability to run and retrieve down-hole gauges without Wireline
  • All Viton elastomers (O-Rings)
  • PEEK / Teflon Vee Packing
  • Standing Valve has 1.25″ NPT Lower Thread for Strainer Nipple / Attachment or down-hole gauge.

Download PDF brochure of 2.5 SELECT-JET Hydraulic Jet Pump