High Sand Content Solutions

Artificial Lift Systems for High Sand Content / High Solids Producing Oil Wells

Wells that produce solids (formation or frac sand) can quickly damage moving components in most forms of artificial lift. Since JJ Tech hydraulic jet pump systems have no moving parts downhole, much longer run times are achievable with greater reliability and fewer workovers. JJ Tech offers tungsten and boron carbide components that are highly-resistant to abrasives. The JJ Tech solution often provides years of uninterrupted production without costly workovers.

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Reduce Costs and Increase Oil and Gas Well Production

JJ Tech employs a combination of patented technologies to provide a tailored artificial lift solution designed to improve production and significantly lower overall operating costs over the life of your high solids or sand-producing wells.

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Our unique design and manufacturing process results in best-in-class, efficient lift performance. Operators have the flexibility to place it in the well where all other forms of artificial lift can’t operate.

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Hydra-Cell Pro Diaphragm Pumps

The seal-less, packing-free design ensures a reliable, efficient way to power the JJ Tech jet pump.

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Hydraulic Jet Pump Design & Optimization App

Using the actual surface and subsurface data from your oil or gas well, our Hydraulic Jet Pump Design & Optimization App lets you plot current jet pump performance and optimize for the future. Our app ensures the downhole jet pump is operating as efficiently as possible, thus maximizing overall production levels.

The Challenge

High sand and/or solids production can cause problems and costly failure for most artificial lift technologies, especially during frac flowback operations.

JJ Tech Jet Pump Solution

When solids are present, a JJ Tech jet pump system is the most reliable form of lift because there are no moving parts in the downhole pump. JJ Tech jet pumps use the finest metallurgies available, including Inconel 625, Hastelloy X, 17-4 PH, and 316 stainless steel. Tungsten and boron carbide are utilized for abrasives. Our patented (US PAT. 7,255,175) pump system is the best solution for producing wells with abrasives.

Outperforms Other Solutions

Electric Submersible Pump (ESP): Rotating components at very high RPMs wear quickly when abrasives are present. Once the impellers inside the pump are worn, pump efficiency is lost, and a workover rig is needed to replace the costly damaged pump.

Rod Lift: Reciprocating pumps use metallic balls and seats to seal. These components wear quickly when abrasives are present. Once these seals are damaged, the leaking seals decrease the overall lifting efficiency of the system. Once the rod pump efficiency is lost, a workover rig is required to replace the downhole pump.

Jet Pump Advantages

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Greater Reliability

With no moving parts, JJ Tech jet jumps produce wells with sand or solids with far less damage potential to the downhole pump. If, over time, jet pump parts do become worn, a workover rig is not needed for replacement.


Reduced Workover Costs

With a JJ Tech jet pump, three- to five-year run times between workovers is not uncommon. Our jet pump systems also allow for chemical treatment for tubing and casing on a continual basis.

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Increased Production

A JJ Tech jet pump can also provide increased production when other forms of lift are unable to provide the desired drawdown on a producing formation.

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