Optimize Well Production With Modeling

Produce your well with confidence. Our Hydraulic Jet Pump Design & Optimization App uses your production data and well parameters to evaluate all possible nozzle and throat combinations to achieve the highest jet pump efficiency possible. Maximizing jet pump efficiency can lower energy usage.

The powerful app calculates the optimal injection pressure and jet pump intake pressure based on the actual operational data from your oil or gas well. These features let you plot predicted performance at multiple injection pressures and jet pump intake pressures.

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See if a JJ Tech hydraulic jet pump system can increase production in your well. Register now to obtain access to the JJ Tech Hydraulic Jet Pump Design & Optimization App.

Reduce Costs and Increase Oil and Gas Well Production

JJ Tech employs a combination of patented technologies to provide a tailored artificial lift solution designed to improve production and significantly lower overall operating costs over the life of your wells.

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Jet Pumps

Increase production efficiency with the most versatile, most reliable jet pump in the industry that can be installed in vertical, deviated and horizontal oil and gas wells.

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Hydra-Cell Pro Diaphragm Pumps

Benefit from longer run times and lower maintenance costs with our seal-less design that eliminates the wear and failures of packing.

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No-Cost Well Analysis

JJ Tech offers a no-cost analysis of your well. Simply provide us with some basic information and our experts will tell you if a JJ Tech jet pump system is a good solution to optimize your well’s productivity and efficiency, while lowering maintenance costs.

The Jet Pump Design & Optimization App:

  • Is available at no cost upon request with a simple login
  • Helps determine if a jet pump system is a viable artificial lift solution for your well
  • Lets you input your specific well conditions and plot the predicted jet pump performance
  • Calculates every possible nozzle/mixing tube possible to ensure the most efficient combination is in use
  • Saves and recalls previous jet pump analyses to help plot reservoir drawdown over time

Jet Pump Advantages

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Greater Reliability

JJ Tech jet pumps offer greater reliability with no downhole moving parts and the ability to handle wells with high sand/solids content.


Reduced Workover Costs

With a JJ Tech jet pump, three- to five-year run times between workovers is not uncommon. Our jet pump systems also provide the ability to continuously treat tubing and casing.

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Increased Production

JJ Tech jet pumps can also provide increased production from wells that competing technologies can’t produce effectively. A JJ Tech jet pump system uses a Hydra-Cell Pro pump along with the produced water or oil from the well to power the downhole jet pump.


Our team of experts specialize in resolving your challenging oil and gas well production problems. Talk to JJ Tech about analyzing your well, at no cost, and let us determine if our solution will work for you.