JJ Tech announces name change for Wanner Engineering’s Hydra-Cell packing free, seal-less, diaphragm surface pumps. Effective immediately, all of Wanner’s 100 HP surface pumps will begin with the prelude, T100, followed by a letter that describes the pressure capabilities.

The changes are as follows:
● T80100 renamed T100E (1500 PSI-3300 BPD)
● T8045 renamed T100K & T100M (3000 PSI-1550 BPD)
● T8030 renamed T100S (5000 PSI-905 BPD)

Visit jjtech2dev.wpengine.com to download more details about each pump.

The name change comes as a way to more adequately describe the pumps and their capabilities. The letter at the end of each name allows industry professionals to determine whether the pump is a low, medium, or high pressure pump. The earlier in the alphabet the lower the pressure, the later in the alphabet the higher the pressure. For example, the T100E is the lowest pressure pump, while the T100S is rated the highest pressure pump.

For a number of years JJ Tech has partnered with Wanner Engineering to design top-of-the-line diaphragm pumps to be used as a part of the JJ Tech ULTRA-FLOW™ artificial lift system. This highly adaptive system consists of an easily optimized, JJ Tech hydraulic jet pump containing no moving parts down hole, powered by an award-winning, highly efficient, seal-less and packing-free Wanner Hydra-Cell diaphragm surface pump. The ULTRA-FLOW™ system allows for faster recovery of frac fluids and works for wells with significant sand and solids, horizontal or deviated wells, or wells in environmentally sensitive locations. Applications include gas well dewatering and salt water disposal.

The JJ Tech hydraulic jet pump eliminates the need for sucker rods, The ULTRA-FLOW™ system reduces maintenance and wear on the production tubing, thereby avoiding costly shut downs for repairs. The ULTRA-FLOW, System provides a powerful, “greener”, and more profitable form of artificial lift. With no VOC emissions, no packing maintenance or plunger wear, plus energy-efficient operation, rugged construction, less routine maintenance, and the ability to handle corrosive, abrasive fluids makes the Hydra-Cell™ Diaphragm Surface Pump, the “Green Pump” of choice for the system’s surface power. The entire ULTRA-FLOW™ surface system is mounted on one compact skid.

About JJ Tech:
JJ Tech is a US based, world-wide supplier of cutting edge artificial lift systems to the oil and gas industry. The artificial lift company currently has eight international and US distributors and hundreds of hydraulic jet pumps placed throughout the world. Please refer to our website, jjtech2dev.wpengine.com, for more information and to register to receive future press releases by e-mail.