JJ Tech ( J&J Technical Services, LLC )  announces that the firm has shipped one of its patented T8045 ULTRA-FLO%CODE2% production systems to PetroFrontier Corp.  Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, PetroFrontier Corp. is a publicly traded (TSX-V: PFC) oil and gas company exploring for both conventional and unconventional onshore petroleum and natural gas in the Northern Territory, Australia.

The T8045 ULTRA-FLO%CODE2% system is configured for FRAC-EVAC, which is JJ Tech’s patented hydraulic jet-pump/diaphragm surface pump process that recovers frac fluid as rapidly and as economically as possible while conveying production to the market immediately.  Case studies confirm that the FRAC-EVAC system has significant advantages over a rod pump system for accelerated frac flowback.

In addition to  FRAC-EVAC, the JJ Tech ULTRA-FLO%CODE2% system can be configured  to deliver dependable, cost efficient solutions for other production issues such as:

  • Producing Deviated and/or Directionally Drilled Wells
  • Producing Wells Making Significant Quantities Of Sand
  • Producing Wells Located in Environmentally Sensitive Locations
  • Salt Water Disposal
  • Gas Well Dewatering

 About JJ Tech
JJ Tech is a US based, world-wide supplier of cutting-edge artificial lift systems to the oil and gas industry.  JJ Tech holds US and certain foreign country patents on both its jet pump as well as the combination of its jet pump with a revolutionary diaphragm surface pump.  JJ Tech currently has eight international and US distributors and several new international distributors pending