Hydra-Cell T80 Series Triplex PumpsJ & J Technical Services, LLC is pleased to announce that the new Hydra-Cell T80 Series triplex pumps is a recipient of the prestigious 2010 Spotlight on New Technology Award from the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). J & J Technical Services and Wanner Engineering, Inc partnered together in the development, testing and marketing of the new Hydra-Cell T80 Series Triplex pumps. 

The new Hydra-Cell T80 Series pumps are “packing-free” and designed to replace packed plunger pumps and their associated problems. Featuring a seal-less diaphragm design, T80 Series pumps provide zero leakage; can run dry without damage; will operate with a closed or blocked suction line; and can effectively pump abrasive fluids. The innovative technology allows the T80 Series pumps to compete with traditional plunger pumps in performance and cost, while eliminating packing and plunger wear, leakage, external lubrication and emissions.

The T8045 is the first model available in the T80 Series. It has a flow rate capacity of 1500 BPD at pressures up to 3000 psi and is well suited for oil well production applications. Other models in development and testing include the T8030 and the T80100. The T8030 (1000 BPD at 4500 psi) is suited for gas well de-watering and the T80100 (3200 BPD at 1440 psi) with its application being suited to salt water disposal.

J & J Technical Services has combined their patented jet pump system with the T80 Series pumps to provide a unique solution for de-watering mature gas wells, conventional horizontal gas wells, CBM and shale gas wells as well as procuring oil from vertical and horizontal wells. As reported in the March 2010 issue of World Oil, among the advantages of jet pumping, is that it requires no downhole moving parts, is not affected by hole angle and is able to lift sand. [J & J Technical Services uses a system approach utilizing its patented jet pump, a T80 Series pump and either a natural gas engine or electric motor with variable frequency drives (VFD’s) to facilitate the surface fluid handling needs. This system approach reduces operating costs and pump wear. ]

For literature, additional information and well evaluation, contact Mark Preddy at 318-636-6904 or mpreddy@jjtech2dev.wpengine.com. For specific product information on Model T8045, visit: http://www.hydra-cell.com/product/T8045-hydracell-pump.html.