The term “frac,” also known as frack, fracking, fracing or hydrofracking, is simply a short term for hydraulic fracturing.  As a natural gas or oil well is drilled into the earth, the wellbore must pass through several layers of very hard rock.  In order to penetrate this solid mass, the rock is fractured through the use of the bore, and the assist of high-pressure fluids being pumped into the borehole.  This is called a frac or frack job.

JJ Tech has raised the bar on the industry standards of frac fluid recovery and frac injection by replacing the conventional rod pumps with their innovative jet pump technology.  Here are a few of the advantages to the JJ Tech “Frac Evac” system utilizing the T-80 Series Diaphragm Pump:

  • Unlike Nitrogen, no backpressure is put on formation
  • The PBHP (Producing Bottomhole Pressure) can be calculated using computer software.
  • The JJ Tech Jet Pump can produce moderate to high volumes of sand
  • The gas can be sold on the market directly and immediately

The method of hydraulic fracturing is utilized when it becomes necessary to increase the production or the rate at which the oil, natural gas or water, rise to the surface from the reservoirs from which they are being extracted.  These reservoirs are deep into the earth’s surface, from 5,000 ft. to 20,000 ft.  At these depths, the rock may not be porous enough to release the natural gas and oil flow into the wellbore with satisfactory speed.  Once the fractures are created, or natural fractures are enhanced, and the frac process begins, the oil is conducted up through these fractures and a greater volume is realized.

JJ Tech’s artificial lift technology, this process is sped up drastically.  What would be recovered in six months with a conventional rod pump, took JJ Tech twenty-seven days to accomplish.