Hydra-Cell D35 and D66 Pumps

Use Hydra-Cell D-Series Pumps for Reliable Performance in Challenging Applications.

Seal-Less Design. Damage-Free Operation.

Hydra-Cell D35 and D66 pumps minimize maintenance and reduce downtime because there are no seals, cups or packing that can leak or need replacement. They feature a simple, compact design and horizontal disk check valves that enable them to handle particles and abrasives that could damage other pumps.

Available Hydra-Cell D-Series Diaphragm Pumps

Pump ModelPump seriesMaximum PressureMaximum Rate (BPD)

Hydra-Cell D35 and D66 Pump Features

  • These models pump the full range of low to high-viscosity fluids.
  • They operate efficiently, reducing energy costs.
  • They can tolerate non-ideal operating conditions.
  • These diaphragm pumps can run dry without damage in the event of an operator error or an accident.


D35 (1200 maximum psi)

Technical Bulletin
Service Manual

D66 (1000 maximum psi)

Technical Bulletin
Service Manual

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