JJ Tech is a leader in artificial lift systems. Using patented jet pump technology, JJ Tech’s state of the art fluid jet pumps are the components of an artificial lift system that is designed to remove large amounts of subsurface formation fluids. These fluids may contain inclusions of moderate to high solid content, but are removed without negatively affecting the performance of JJ Tech’s pumps.

Here are a few practical advantages for utilizing JJ Tech’s advanced technology jet pumps for your well drilling pump needs:

New Generation of Hydraulic Jet Pumps for Artificial Lift
Recent developments have made a new generation of hydraulic jet pumps a viable solution for a wider range of wells while requiring much less maintenance for the end user.

 The benefits of the jet pump are:
• No moving parts down-hole
• Ability to produce sands and solids
• No gas locking
• The power fluid can be treated with corrosion and scale inhibitors
• Ease of optimization with software
• Production rates can be changed by adjusting injection pressure and rate
• Capability of producing high volumes of fluid and ease of serviceability because nozzle and throat can be hydraulically retrieved with no rig or wire line.

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 JJ Tech, the holder of both domestic and foreign patents on its line of jet pumps and accessories, strives to continually innovate and improve the technology to create the artificial lift that is essential to the oil and gas production industry.

In about the year 1,800, an Italian physicist named Giovanni Battista Venturi created a formula regarding the effect of flowing liquid meeting a constriction, and the increased energy and decreased pressure that results.  This became known as the Venturi Effect.  This effect is simply demonstrated when one’s thumb is placed over the end of a flowing water hose.  The continuity of flow must continue, despite the constriction blocking it, thus speeding up the flow of the water.  However, as the fluid speeds up, the underlying pressure decreases as it flows faster.

JJ Tech utilizes this Venturi effect in the production and operation of their highly effective jet pumps.  This effect creates a vacuum, which is what brings the fluid into the jet pump and up to the surface.

JJ Tech manufactures down-hole jet pumps in a wide range of sizes, developed to fit the variety of  tubular, bottom hole assembly and production volume possibilities that are encountered when designing oil and gas well operating systems.  View the complete line of jet pumps.