For decades oil wells in East Texas and throughout most of the world have been produced primarily by Sucker Rod pump systems. For many years there has been little change or technological improvement in this type of artificial lift method.

However, in February, 2005, near Gladewater, Texas, a new oil production system emerged: The ULTRA-FLOW Production System, by artificial lift company JJ Tech. This highly adaptive system consists of an easily optimized, JJ Tech, hydraulic jet pump containing no moving parts down hole, powered by an award-winning, highly efficient, seal-less and packing-free Hydra-Cell diaphragm surface pump, designed by Wanner Engineering, Inc. The initial pump model used in the new system was the Hydra-Cell D-35. The more powerful T100 Series of Wanner diaphragm surface pumps are now more commonly a component of the system.ultraflow-skid-diagram2

Because the JJ Tech Jet Pump eliminates the need for sucker rods, the ULTRA-FLOW System diminishes maintenance and wear on the production tubing, thereby avoiding costly shut downs for repairs, and the resulting loss of production revenues. In the rare instance that the downhole jet pump needs to be retrieved, it can be quickly circulated to the surface by reversing the flow from the tubing to the casing annulus. For example, time taken for retrieval of a down hole jet pump from a Woodbine formation well (3,500 ft.), inspecting the parts, and reinstalling the pump carrier, takes less than one hour.

JJ Tech’s patented line of jet pumps range in size from 1.6″ OD (slim hole installation) up to 3.5″ OD (extremely high volume fluid & solid content). Most pumps have a special three coat hardening process for erosion and corrosion control. Additionally, JJ Tech uses proprietary software to ensure that the system is optimized for each well. Click for more specifications on all JJ Tech hydraulic Jet Pumps.

The ULTRA-FLOW, System provides a powerful, “greener”, more profitable form of artificial lift. With no VOC emissions, no packing maintenance or plunger wear, plus energy-efficient operation, rugged construction, less routine maintenance, and the ability to handle corrosive, abrasive fluids makes the Hydra-Cell™ Diaphragm Surface Pump, the “Green Pump” of choice for the system’s surface power. The entire surface system is mounted on one compact, sleek skid.

Experience has proven that the JJ Tech ULTRA-FLOW Production System offers the oil and gas industry an artificial lift solution superior to other alternatives when dealing with a range of problematic down hole issues, including:

  • Faster Recovery of Frac Fluids
  • Producing Deviated and/or Directionally Drilled Wells
  • Producing Wells Making Significant Quantities Of Sand and Solids
  • Producing Wells Located in Environmentally Sensitive Locations
  • Salt Water Disposal
  • Gas Well Dewatering