JJ Tech Artificial Lift Jet Pump



Case Study: Jet Pump Artificial Lift Enables Consistent Operation in Flood Zone – The JJ Tech Jet Pump system can be successfully installed in a flood zone and enables well operators to continue production despite flood waters with equipment that requires little to no maintenance. 



Wanner Diaphragm Pump Demo at ALRDC – Robert Adamek, Sales Engineer at Wanner Engineering, gives a demonstration about a Wanner diaphgram pump at the JJ Tech (J&J Companies) booth at ALRDC (Artificial Lift Research and Development Council) 2012 show in Denver, Colorado.



JJ Tech Installs in Sub Zero Environment – This video was taken in northern Colorado after a heavy snowfall and in subzero temperatures.



JJ Tech Saltwater Removal – With the use of the T-80 series pumps, JJ Tech has made this process much smoother and more efficient for operators.



JJ Tech ULTRA-FLOW (Renamed from “ULTRA-FLO”) – JJ Tech’s patented ULTRA-FLOW process stands out as a system that can produce significant cost-effective results for the oil and gas operator.



FRAC-EVAC Accelerated Frac Fluid Recovery Switching to JJ Tech’s patented FRAC/EVAC system can accelerate frac fluid recovery.Using JJ Tech’s FRAC/EVAC system, with a T8045 Diaphragm Pump and a 2.8 Jet Pump, one operator removed 15,200 barrels of fluid (100% recovery) in just 27 days. This would have taken six months with the traditional rod pump, which is only capable of pumping 100 barrels a day.
In addition to the frac fluid, 2,100 barrels of oil were recovered.



Switching From ESP to Jet Pump Since the installation of the JJ Tech Jet Pump, this customer has realized the same production rate minus the need for changing out pumps, thereby eliminating the services of a workover rig.



Decreasing Your Well Costs Replaced an ESP with a JJ Tech jet pump system. As a result, this operator realized an annual savings of over $500,000 due to almost no down time and no workovers.



JJ Tech Jet Pump Watch how jet-pump technology can eliminate many of the hassles of artificial lift using new downhole techniques.