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JJ Tech SELECT-JET Hydraulic Jet Pump for Artificial Lift

Increase Production with the Most Versatile Hydraulic Jet Pumps in the Oil and Gas Industry.

JJ Tech’s flagship SELECT-JET Jet Pump brings ease and versatility to the artificial lift market. Whether in normal or reverse flow mode, the SELECT-JET is the best of its kind for maximizing oil well production.

You can quickly conduct nozzle and mixing tube changes because of the simplicity of the tool and small, easy-to-handle JJ Tech carrier design.

In addition, you can circulate downhole gauges in and out of the wellbore without the use of wireline. You can also attach the downhole gauges to the standing valve, if needing to record buildup over time.

Our isolation sleeve for bottom hole assembly is far more reliable than a sliding sleeve, since the seals can be replaced without removing the tubing (with a workover rig).

You can use common connections or purchase specialty connections for all JJ Tech hydraulic jet pumps.


  • Versatile Bottom Hole Assembly with High Flow Capacity
  • All Viton Elastomers (O-Rings)
  • PEEK/Teflon Vee Packing
  • 17-4 PH Stainless Steel – Standard (QPQ)
  • Premium Materials Include
    • Inconel 625
    • Hastelloy X
    • 316 Stainless Steel
    • 420 Stainless Steel (Boron Carbide Clad).

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