Rhea Quinn Black Vest HatRhea Quinn has assumed the responsibility of West Texas Sales Manager for JJ Tech.. Since joining the firm in April, 2012, Mr. Quinn has been West Texas Service Manager, operating out of JJ Tech’s regional field office and service center located at 6305 Andrews Highway in Odessa, Texas. Mr. Quinn will focus on business development in the Permian Basin. Prior to joining JJ Tech, Mr. Quinn was with BP for five years, departing in 2012 as Lift Specialist / Optimizer.

“Working with JJ Tech has been an enjoyable and a fulfilling change,” says Quinn, “because it has provided me with the opportunity to help operators optimize the efficiency of their oil and gas production using JJ Tech’s hydraulic jet pump and ULTRA-FLO™ production system technology”.

Chris Lamberth, JJ Tech’s Operations Manager, stated, “Rhea is a valuable asset to JJ Tech. His technical knowledge is very strong. While located in the Permian Basin area, Rhea has the ability to meet operators face to face and share his technical knowledge to help them reach viable solutions. This greatly benefits both JJ Tech and our operators.”

JJ Tech’s services in the Permian Basin include FRAC-EVAC™ skid rentals and lease purchases, ULTRA-FLOW™ production system skids. FRAC-EVAC™ is the firm’s accelerated jet pump based frac flowback system, proven by case studies to remove large volumes of fluid and bring production to the market in a fraction of the recovery time a conventional rod and tubing system can achieve. ULTRA-FLOW™ is JJ Tech’s patented production system that combines the flexible JJ Tech Jet Pump with a powerful diaphragm surface pump by Wanner Engineering, Inc.

About JJ Tech
JJ Tech is a U.S. based, world-wide supplier of cutting edge artificial lift systems to the oil and gas industry. The company currently has eight international and U.S. distributors and hundreds of hydraulic jet pumps placed throughout the world.