“On behalf of our JJ Tech family, I want to thank our growing number of customers for making 2011 our very best year ever. And there is more good news – all indications for 2012 give us high expectations that our business will double, with January becoming our very best month to date….We’re currently fabricating more and more production skids…”

Those fortuitously predictive words now define the experience of the Shreveport-based production services firm since 2010. Gross revenues in 2011 shattered those of 2010; those earned in 2012 nearly doubled revenues of 2011, and growth this year indicates that gross revenues will easily surpass those earned in 2012.
Commenting on JJ Tech’s recent track record, Mr. Preddy said, “We’re very happy and encouraged with the repeat business our customers have given us. That’s where most of our growth has arisen. Currently, we have three ULTRA-FLO skids moving out to Wyoming, three skids to Colorado, three to S. Texas, and three to N. Texas. But we are also motivated to open up more opportunities for first-time customers. Experience has given us the confidence that our cutting edge technology and superior level of service will earn the trust of new customers and develop long-term relationships for us.”

Formed in 2002 to acquire, manufacture, and market the patented new Coleman hydraulic jet pump, JJ Tech pursued an initial strategy of manufacturing jet pumps as production system components, and then marketing them through a group of distributors and end users. But then, in 2005, JJ Tech began its landmark association with Wanner Engineering, Inc., which brought about the development of the patented Wanner T80 series of diaphragm pumps, and the patented JJ Tech ULTRA-FLO™ production system. This cutting edge system is composed of a JJ Tech jet pump down hole combined with a Wanner Engineering T80 Series diaphragm pump providing surface production power.
With the development of the ULTRA-FLO™ system, JJ Tech transitioned from supplying only jet pumps as components for other operating systems, to delivering a total artificial lift system, customized to solve specific end user issues or maximize existing production. The capacity to offer complete solution systems in addition to the ongoing sale of individual jet pumps in a variety of configurations has significantly broadened JJ Tech’s market share.

About JJ Tech
J Tech is a US based, world-wide supplier of cutting edge artificial lift systems to the oil and gas industry. The company currently has eight international and US distributors and hundreds of hydraulic jet pumps placed throughout the world.