JJ Tech, a leader in oil and gas jet pump artificial lift, will be exhibiting patented JJ Tech jet pumps and Wanner Hydra-cell diaphragm pumps at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas October 9-11, booth 253.

“Our artificial lift system has no moving parts down hole and a seal-less, high pressure, reliable diaphragm surface pump. The seal-less diaphragm pump eliminates VOC emissions, packing maintenance and plunger wear. It requires less routine maintenance and has the ability to handle corrosive and abrasive fluids. It can operate with a closed or blocked suction line and run dry indefinitely without damage, avoiding downtime and repair costs. Overall, maintenance costs and environmental impact are greatly reduced,” said Chris Lamberth, President and Operations Manager at JJ Tech. “Our artificial lift system has changed the way the industry looks at jet pump artificial lift.”

The JJ Tech jet pump system has no moving parts down-hole and excels in producing horizontal wells, crooked holes, and wells that make solids. The system is designed for operators who need to reduce downtime and reduce operating costs due to workovers that occur with other forms of artificial lift. 
Visit the JJ Tech booth, #253, at the SPE ATCE conference Oct 9-11 in San Antonio, Texas.

About JJ Tech:

JJ Tech is a US based, world-wide supplier of cutting edge artificial lift systems to the oil and gas industry. Please refer to our website, jjtech2dev.wpengine.com, for more information about JJ Tech and to register to receive future press releases by e-mail.


The Society of Petroleum Engineers’ (SPE) Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) has attracted more than a half million of the E&P industry’s greatest minds from around the globe. ATCE is SPE’s annual meeting of members and other professionals seeking education on the current and future technologies that will help find and produce hydrocarbons.