Due to the frequency of workovers to their well, this operator installed a JJ Tech 2.3 Jet Pump, with a 100 HP, ULTRA-FLOW™ 100 surface skid. The decision to move forward with the jet pump installation was due to persistent rod parting issues with their Lufkin 1280, 125 HP rod pump. At the time of the installation, the initial goal was to minimize workovers and cut down on costs from having to frequently hot-oil the well to maintain production. 

To match the rod pump’s production capabilities, we would need to produce an average of 325 bpd with the ULTRA-FLOW™ 100 jet pump system. After 148 days of nearly continuous production, with zero workovers, the jet pump produced an average of 350 bpd of total fluid. These results prompted the operator to go from renting a unit to purchasing and replacing the surface skid. They purchased the ULTRA-FLOW™ 200 skid package. The 200 HP unit could yield higher fluid production. With this skid package they could increase their production to over 650 bpd of total fluid and operate for over 280 days without the need for hot oiling or a workover rig!


  • JJ Tech 2.3 Jet Pump was installed with a 100HP ULTRA-FLOW™ 100 rental surface skid.
  • No workover has been needed since the installation.
  • It averaged 350 bpd of total fluid.
  • With the eventual purchase of the 200 HP skid, production increased to over 650 bpd of total fluid.