Sliding Sleeve Adaptation Jet Pump for Artificial Lift | JJ Tech

Adaptation/Retrofit Jet Pumps for Artificial Lift

JJ Tech Jet Pumps adapt to any sliding sleeve or bottom hole assembly.

You can adapt JJ Tech’s versatile pumps to fit inside any jet pump BHA or sliding sleeve on the market.

We stock numerous adaptations ready to ship worldwide including normal and reverse flow configurations.

Current adaptations include:

  • All Weatherford, Trico, Kobe, Petrolift and Oilmaster BHAs
  • All Otis, Baker and Halliburton Sliding Sleeves
  • Common Seal Bore Sizes: 1.78″, 1.81″, 1.87″, 2.25″, 2.31″, 2.75″, 2.81″ and 3.81″

We can also supply equalizing standing valves to set in existing completions.


  • All Viton Elastomers (O-Rings)
  • PEEK/Teflon Vee Packing
  • Premium Materials Include
    • Inconel 625
    • Hastelloy X
    • 316 Stainless Steel
    • 420 Stainless Steel (Boron Carbide Clad)
Adaptation Jet Pumps

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