Objectives: JJ Tech’s ULTRA-FLOW™ Jet Pump System welcomed the challenge of, maintaining a production rate of 250 BBLS formation fluid / day, increase profitability of the well by eliminating, rod cut tubing and parting of rods, and decrease down time resulting in loss of production.

Results: With no moving parts down hole, the ULTRA-FLOW™ Jet Pump System eliminates the possibility of tubing damage from rod wear (and there are no rods to part). We were also able to, not simply maintain production, but INCREASE production from 250 to 300 BBLS/day. That is a 20 % growth!

Well Technical Data
Formation: Tuscaloosa
Pump Depth: 2846′
Perforations: 2880-2884′
Tubing Pressure: 880 psi
Downhole Rate: 780 bbls / day
Return Rate: 1100 bbls / day
Horsepower Used: 14
Casing Size: 5-1/2″
Tubing Size: 2-7/8″

JJ Tech 2.8 Jet Pump  Data
• Production up to 4500 bpd
• Conventional oil producing
• Can be run on 2.375 Tubing or larger
• Fits inside 4.5 casing and up
• Easily retrieved, by reverse circulation or wire line