Details: Over a year ago an operator based in New South Wales, Australia, installed a JJ Tech D-35 ULTRA-FLOW system on one of its CBM wells, to combat coal fines. Coal fines are a “byproduct” of CBM extraction, formed when fine particles of coal agglomerate into thick masses that wreak havoc on CBM production systems by stopping up pumps and creating nightmare down-hole issues.

Results: The JJ Tech D-35 ULTRA-FLOW system has been performing successfully over the past year, prompting the operator to purchase an additional, three systems for more of their CBM wells.

The ULTRA-FLOW system consists of a patented JJ Tech down-hole jet pump and a Wanner Hydra-Cell D-35 diaphragm surface pump, optimized with JJ Tech proprietary software for CBM gas well dewatering.