J&J Technical Services, LLC  (“JJ Tech”) has extended U.S. activity into the northeast U.S. with the placement of one Frac-Flowback skid in eastern Pennsylvania and another in eastern Ohio.  Both areas are in the Appalachian Basin.  Because hydraulic fracturing is the industry norm for shale oil or gas production, JJ Tech maintains high expectations for future activity in the area.

As an exhibitor at the recent Appalachian Basin Gas Well Deliquification Seminar from June 12-14, 2011, JJ Tech professionals presented the advantages of FRAC-EVAC – its patented hydraulic jet-pump/diaphragm surface pump process  that recovers frac fluid as rapidly and as economically as possible while conveying production to the market immediately.

About JJ Tech
JJ Tech (www.jjtech2dev.wpengine.com) is a U.S. based, world-wide supplier of artificial lift systems to the oil and gas industry.  JJ Tech holds US and certain foreign country patents on both its jet pump as well as the combination of its jet pump with a revolutionary Hydra-Cell diaphragm surface pump.  JJ Tech currently has eight international and US distributors, three new pending international distributors and approximately 200 jet pumps placed throughout the world.