Shreveport, Louisiana, March 15, 2012.  J&J Technical Services, LLC (“JJ Tech”) announces the highly anticipated arrival of the Hydra-Cell®, Seal-less T8030 (“T8030”) Diaphragm Surface Pump from Wanner Engineering, Inc.

The  80hp T8030 is the second in the innovative “T80” series of diaphragm surface pumps designed for JJ Tech by Wanner Engineering, Inc.  Coupled with the patented JJ Tech series of efficient downhole jet pumps, the T80 series completes the highly adaptive JJ Tech ULTRA-FLO artificial lift system.

The Hydra-Cell® T80 Series pumps feature an exclusive, seal-less diaphragm design that eliminates packing and plunger wear, leakage, external lubrication and emission.  The result is lower costs of ownership and maintenance, and longer life than traditional packed pumps.

The T8030, rated at 5000 psi and 905 bbls/day, is well-suited for concentric string completions (gas well dewatering), where smaller fluid conduits require higher pressures due to fluid friction through the smaller strings of pipe.
With adjustments to jet pump configurations downhole, the T8030 will also perform well in the JJ Tech ULTRA-FLO system, which addresses such other production issues as:

•    Sand Invasion;
•    Deviated Wells;
•    Horizontal Production;
•    Accelerated Frac Flowback; and
•    Saltwater Disposal.

About JJ Tech
JJ Tech is a US based, world-wide supplier of artificial lift systems to the oil and gas industry. The company currently has eight international and US distributors, three new pending international distributors, and approximately 200 hydraulic jet pumps placed throughout the world.

Mark F. Preddy, Sr.
President and Chief Operations Officer