John L. Brock has joined the team of sales and marketing professionals at J&J Technical Services, LLC (JJ Tech). He has 20 years of oil and gas sales and marketing experience, and another 14 years in a variety of other markets. Mark F. Preddy, President, said, “John has been successful at every level of sales and marketing. It has been JJ Tech’s goal to bring the company’s technology, service and products, already proven in the oilfield, to formidable levels over the next several years. It is our expectation that John’s experience will enable him to contribute substantially toward this goal.”

Mr. Brock added, “Not every oilfield services company is huge, but there are some who make a huge impact. At JJ Tech there is a focus on quality of workmanship, a pride in doing the job right and a feeling of ownership in all we do. You must have that drive and pride that is sometimes lost in a large company. You don’t have to be a giant to set the benchmark for quality, safety and a strong, supported product.”

JJ Tech is a US based, world-wide supplier of artificial lift systems to the oil and gas industry. The company currently has eight international and US distributors, three new pending international distributors, and approximately 200 hydraulic jet pumps placed throughout the world.

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