JJ Tech (J&J Technical Services, LLC) was formed by John Tom James and Roland Jackson in 2002 for the purpose of promoting and further refining patents purchased in 1995. The patents, which JJ Tech holds in the United States and selected foreign countries, are for the downhole jet pump used as artificial lift in oil and gas wells. The jet pump was developed to produce large volumes of sub-surface formation fluids with the inclusion of moderate to high solid content like sand or coal particles.

JJ Tech had success with its patented jet pump especially with highly deviated or horizontal wells which require artificial lift. In addition, the unique patented design allows easy retrieval of the downhole pump from wells without the need for a work over rig.

In 2006, as JJ Tech refined the artificial lift process, the partners of JJ Tech investigated more reliable options for a surface pump. After several trials, they purchased a diaphragm surface pump to combine with their patented jet pump. The combination proved successful in the Woodbine field in East Texas. The limitation, however, in horsepower, pressure and volume of the surface pump resulted in only 5% of the wells analyzed being able to use this combination of patented jet pump and surface pump.

JJ Tech joined development forces with the manufacturer of the diaphragm surface pump in 2006 to develop larger horsepower models. Three new models were designed that are able to handle a wide variety of uses such as oil and gas well production, gas well de-watering and salt water disposal. JJ Tech owns the process patent for combining the surface diaphragm pump with its patented jet pump in the United States and Canada.

In 2007 as the company was moving through their research and development phase and gearing up for the production / sales phase, John Tom James purchased Roland Jackson’s membership interest in JJ Tech. At the same time, three new members purchased an interest in the company. As part further developing the company, JJ Tech hired two additional people to help broaden the management expertise of the company. Both individuals brought their practical business experience as well as oil and gas operations experience to assist with the development of the best applications for their patented jet pump.

JJ Tech has worked several years in a research and development phase of business – both with the patented jet pump and with the surface diaphragm pump. During this process, JJ Tech has continued to gather data and refine the equipment to produce optimum production results. In addition, JJ Tech has developed proprietary software to analyze current well production and estimated well production with the use of a system specifically designed to the well being analyzed. The JJ Tech engineer staff has over [15] years experience with artificial lift systems.

JJ Tech, through forward thinking and development refinements, has grown from a jet pump company to a full-service pump company – providing complete system solutions for wells in need. Additionally, JJ Tech now offers diaphragm surface pumps for a variety of uses that are proving to be more reliable than plunger pumps.