SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA, May 23, 2011 – J & J Technical Services, LLC (“JJ Tech”), a specialist in artificial lift systems for the oil and gas industry, has completed its fourth consecutive year with the Offshore Technology Conference (“OTC”) at Reliance Park in Houston, Texas.

During the show, JJ Tech displayed and demonstrated how its patented jet pump improves the efficiency and reliability of well production.  The JJ Tech hydraulic jet pump works effectively in a variety of down hole situations ranging from working in a deviated or crooked hole, to moving high solids and sand content. With no moving parts down hole, the JJ Tech hydraulic jet pump offers a proven, dependable and cost-efficient solution for problem wells.

JJ Tech showcased its full system solution that combines its hydraulic jet pump with a diaphragm surface pump.  This JJ Tech patented design provides a unique solution for down hole oil production, gas well de-watering, horizontal wells and sand producing wells, just to name a few.  In addition, this system has proved very successful in the rapid water removal of hydraulically fractured shale oil and gas wells, also known as frac flow-back.

JJ Tech’s sales and engineering teams also met with many of its current, pending and potential distributors during the four day OTC event.  During this time, JJ Tech was able to finalize several sales with its international customers who attended OTC as well as host a dinner for Wanner Engineering, Inc.,  the manufacturer of the diaphragm pump.

About OTC

The 42nd annual OTC brought together over 80,000 attendees from all areas of the oil & gas industry.  This attendance represented approximately 2,500 companies from over 40 nations.  The OTC is world’s foremost event for the development of resources in the fields of drilling, exploration and development.

About JJ Tech

JJ Tech ( is a US based, world-wide supplier of artificial lift systems to the oil and gas industry.  JJ Tech holds US and certain foreign country patents on both its jet pump as well as the combination of its jet pump with a revolutionary  diaphragm surface pump.  JJ Tech currently has eight international and US distributors and several new international distributors pending.


Mark F. Preddy, Sr.
Chief Operations Officer