Saltwater Disposal (SWD)

JJ Tech provides an efficient and reliable solution to saltwater disposal, with the Wanner T100 series, diaphragm pumps. Many oil and gas operators have to deal with produced water, and JJ Tech has the solution, for both artificial lifts and saltwater disposal.The Wanner T100 series, diaphragm pumps are on the cutting edge of lift technology. These pumps feature a “seal-less” design, allowing for more economical and environmentally friendly operations.

Saltwater Disposal - JJ Tech Jet Pump

  • Seal-less design eliminates leaks, hazards and the expense associated with seals and packing
  • Low NPSH requirements allow for operation with a vacuum condition on the suction so positive suction pressure not necessary
  • Can operate with a closed or blocked suction line and run dry indefinitely without damage, eliminating downtime and repair costs
  • Unique diaphragm design handles more abrasives with less wear than gear, screw, or plunger pumps
  • Hydraulically balanced diaphragms handle high pressures with low stress
  • Lower energy costs than centrifugal pumps
  • Rugged construction for long life with minimal maintenance
  • Compact design and double-ended shaft provides a variety of installation options

Download Saltwater Disposal and Water Flooding Pumps Brochure